Spring is a popular time to get married and have a wedding celebration. The weather is starting to improve, you can enjoy bright and fresh days, and there are plenty of inspirational ideas that will transform how your wedding looks. A spring wedding would usually take place between the months of March and May, and while you still can’t usually guarantee the weather as rain showers could make an appearance, you should be greeted with blue skies, a cooler temperature, and the bright spring sun. So if you have booked your wedding date in Spring, then you may be wondering what ideas could help transform your wedding? With that in mind, here are some of the ideas for you to consider.

The Color Scheme

One of the first things to consider would be the color scheme. This is a huge part of the wedding and in some cases can even take over as the overall theme for your day. There are some great color combinations that you can consider that will work lovely at this time of year for your wedding. Here are some of the options you might want to think about. 

Pastel Shades

At this time of year, you will usually see pastel shades. You might think about colors like lilac, mint green, pastel lemon, peach, baby blue, or baby pink. These are great shades to consider for a spring wedding and can work well in all aspects of your day such as bridesmaid dresses, wedding décor, and flowers. 

Adding Bolder Shades

You could look at color combinations that work well combined with some pastel shades to still give you that spring look and feel to your day. Here are some of the combinations that could work well combining a bolder color with a pastel shade:

  • Teal and baby pink – The boldness of the teal is softened by the blush pink and is a combination that works really well during the spring wedding season. 
  • Lemon and pastel yellow – Using combinations of the same color palette can work really well for a spring wedding, and yellow is the ultimate definition of spring. You could add a bold deep yellow with pastel shades and lemon colorings to bring everything together. 
  • All the greens – Green is another spring color as it exudes life and prosperity, so a combination of different greens from a bolder color to a pastel mint green will work well and make your flowers shine. 

Other Spring Combinations

There are some other great combinations of colors that will work really well for a spring wedding. Here are some of the other color ideas you might want to incorporate:

  • Lemon and peach
  • Lilac and white
  • Green and grey 
  • Silver and baby blue 
  • Rose gold and baby pink

Hopefully, there are some great ideas for colors that you may want to incorporate into your spring wedding.

Seasonal Flowers

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to get married especially as flowers are such a big staple with decoration. Looking at seasonal flowers can help you to bring the spring theme forward with your day. There are a number of flowers that come into season in the Spring that are perfect for bouquets, wedding decor, and buttonholes. Here are some of the seasonal flowers that you could use for your spring wedding:

  • Peonies 
  • Tulips
  • Hyacinths
  • Roses
  • Sweet Peas
  • Cherry blossom

You could use a combination of these flowers or stick with one or two to bring your bouquets and wedding décor to life. These will all be able to incorporate your wedding color theme as well and work especially well with foliage such as eucalyptus. 

Wedding Décor

Now comes the part that can often have brides-to-be stumped on what to choose. Wedding décor is all dependent on your venue. In some cases, your venue may already be heavily decorated naturally, especially if you are getting married in a garden or outside setting. However, parts of the day may be spent indoors so you might find that you are struggling with how to dress your venue. Here are some suggestions. 

Chair and Table Covers

One thing you could do is consider chair and table covers. Usually, a white cover is an option as it can easily be dressed with centerpieces on the table or a sash on the chair itself. You could have a big bow displayed on each chair in the color of your choice that can dramatically change the appearance of the room. A white table covering gives a crisp look and a blank canvas to work with for cutlery, table settings, and centerpieces. 


The centerpieces are usually bold and are able to change the way your venue looks. For spring, florals will be the way forward with your spring décor. You could look at a big bouquet or small collections of flowers in bottles covered in hessian and decorated with ribbons. Spring is all about small understated details that come together to create a bolder finish. 

Name Cards and Seating Plans 

You can also get creative with name cards and seating plans. You can use mirrors for the seating plans decorated with real flowers or perhaps stick with a standard board with pastel shades or your color scheme. Name cards can be a little more understated. Some people use real fruit or add pieces of nature like flowers, eucalyptus, and twigs. 

Wedding Favors

Favors are also bold in the Spring, and many people try and do something that is in relation to when they are getting married. Easter falls in the spring, so you could do things like mini eggs, or chocolate as a theme for the favors. Other ideas include packets of seeds for the garden with a little quote discussing watching things grow, such as a marriage. 

Wedding Foods & Drinks

Finally, the food and drinks in the spring may be a little lighter than perhaps the food choices you might choose in the fall or winter. Salads, chicken, fish, and even finger buffets are all winners at this time of the year. You could also have a cocktail hour dedicated to your spring theme, such as cocktails that are a particular color. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas to plan the perfect spring wedding. For my wedding tips visit my post on 5 Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget.

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