While you can’t take your kids to space, yet, you can do the next best thing. A celestial birthday party! A sweet and starry birthday party for your kids is the perfect way to throw a unique one-of-a-kind party that they will remember for years to come. You can use these party ideas for kids of any age, or even repurpose some of these ideas for adult parties too! From food to decorations, this list has everything you need to throw the perfect party. You can even use these ideas to put together a last-minute party for your kids. Here are 18 Celestial Birthday Party Ideas for Kids.

Out of this World Fun!

A beautiful galaxy-themed birthday party idea is perfect for any type of party. With blues, silver, gold, and purple put together all throughout your party, it’ll be hard not to be wowed by this party idea. Whatever kind of budget you’re working with, or whatever party you’re looking to throw, hopefully, this inspires you.

Space Food?

No party is complete without party food and these 7 Space-inspired food ideas will have your guests talking without breaking the bank! These food ideas are classic party ideas, with a Space spin, that will really make your guests feel like they are out of this world.

3-D Moon Cake

A party is incomplete without a cake! This 3-D Moon Cake with Astronaut is a great conversational piece that will leave your guests will be amazed at how you pulled it off.

Galaxy Cupcakes

If you prefer to go finger food style over a cake that you have to cut and serve then these Galaxy-themed cupcakes are what you need for your next Space event.

Galaxy Cake Pops

Shake up the finger-food dessert table with these cut but simple Galaxy Cake Pops. Arrange them in a cute bouquet or individually wrap each one in cellophane to make them more grab-n-go convenient.

Out of this World Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a tried and true recipe, however, that doesn’t mean that sugar cookies can’t be fun! The swirls in these Galaxy Sugar Cookies will keep your guests mesmerized.

Galaxy Popcorn

Galaxy Popcorn is fun, it is a colorful, delicious far-out treat that you can’t skip! So easy to make and easy to switch up to match the theme of any event or party you’re hosting.

Fruit Rockets

These rocket-themed fruit kabobs are a fun alternative to sweet, sugary snacks at your event. Giving kids a healthy choice when it comes to snacking.

Rice Krispy Star Wands

These edible, Rice Krispy Star Wands are versatile, whether you’re making them for a Galaxy Party by adding blue, purple, or silver ribbon, for the 4th of July by adding red, white, and blue ribbon, or for a princess party by adding pink and sparkly ribbon. They are loads of fun for the kids while being easy and quick to make for the grown-ups.

Surprise Star Cupcakes

Shake up your usual cupcake plans with these Surprise Star Cupcakes. It’s a fun spin-to-box cupcake mix by adding a hidden star into the center of the cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with the frosting of your choice to match your party’s color scheme.

Basil Cheddar Stars

A party doesn’t have to always mean sweet, sugary snacks. Get savory with these Savory Basil Cheddar Star biscuits. A fun party food for those who prefer a non-sweet treat.

Chocolate Chip Star Cake Mix Cookies

These star cookies are easy to make using a box of cake mix. Jazz them up to make them theme specific by using galaxy-themed sprinkles or keep the sprinkles red, white, and blue for a 4th of July Party.

Star Cutout Sandwiches

You won’t be able to find another easy-to-make sandwich that is more galaxy theme like these Star Cutout Sandwiches.

Stained Glass Star Cookies

The perfect conversational piece that can be used for your Galaxy Party but also for a Stars or 4th of July Party are these Stained Glass Star Cookies. Easy to make with a sugar cookie-type base with the center created from melted hard candy like Jolly Ranchers.

But what about the fun & activities?

We covered the food ideas for hosting your next party with galaxy-style flair but what about the fun and activities? A party isn’t a party without fun and these DIY ideas for activities and props will add the pizzazz without breaking the bank!

Space Bingo

Everyone loves Bingo and kids are no exception. This set of Space Bingo Cards comes with 1 caller sheet, a set of instructions, and 30 unique bingo cards so that each kid gets their own card.

Create a Moon Mobile

This space-themed craft will let you create your own moon mobile that can be used as a party activity or as party decor. It also can be used to display in a space-themed bedroom.

DIY Space Nebula Jar

Hold the Galaxy in your hands by creating this Space Nebula in a jar. Perfect for the craft table at your next Space-Themed party!

Star Sun Catcher

This Star Sun Catcher craft is not only easy to make it doesn’t require an excessive amount of supplies. Go Red, White, and Blue for a 4th of July Party, or choose the colors that best match your space-themed party.

Create Fizzing Planets!

These Fizzing Planets can be used as a fun activity while waiting on the cake and ice cream or as your next science experiment!

Custom Space-Themed Coloring Sheets

Whether you are hosting a Two-the-Moon Birthday or some other kind of Blast-Off party these customized party table placemats are the perfect addition to your party table decor!

These beautiful celestial-themed birthday party ideas are perfect for any type of party. These ideas are a bit more elegant, making it easy to throw a casual or fancy event with this theme. Whatever kind of budget you’re working with, or whatever party you’re looking to throw, hopefully, this has inspired you.

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